Dayak Art, Culture, and Nature

Dayak Art, Culture, and Nature (4D/3N)

Find out the hidden art and culture of Dayak tribe by visiting Balanga Museum, living in the traditional house (long house/rumah Betang), interacting with its resident in a real condition of their traditional life, and enjoying its traditional art performance. Besides that, you may also feel and enjoy the nature by visiting Hampapak forest and rafting on Rungan cascade.

Day 1:            Arriving in Palangka Raya - Balanga Museum – Hampapak Forest
You will arrive in Cilik Riwut Air port, Palangka Raya. By visiting Balanga Museum, you will know more about history, art, and culture of Dayak Tribe. Dayak tribe is known as one of the most unique tribe and culture in Indonesia. There are Sandung or bone houses, gongs and musical instruments that always accompany traditional rituals, masks, Mandau or traditional swords, and the other unique local culture collections. After visiting the museum, we will travel to Hampapak forest. It will take about two hours by a speed boat from Palangka Raya. We will do trekking around the forest. It is a peat-swamp forest and one of tourism forests of central Borneo. It was a nice forest, but it was reduced by fire and some illegal activities such as illegal logging and illegal mining. Now, it has been a wildlife sanctuary and conservation.

Day 2:     Tumbang Melahoi – Long House (Rumah Betang) – Dayak Art Performance
We will go to Tumbang Melahoi, a small village on the bank of Rungan River. It will take about five hours ride from Palangka Raya. We can drive from Palangka Raya, but it is off road. We may ride speed boat or Klotok (traditional boat) if the water of Rungan River is high. We will visit this village to find a longhouse or Betang, the Traditional house of Dayak. It is about 30 meters length, and 3 meters height. It stands on magnificent iron wood. Its walls are made of the trees bark. It is located at Tumbang Melahoi village. In front of the Longhouse you will find statues and Sandung (bone houses), containing the bones of the family members in the past. We will stay for a night at the traditional longhouse and enjoy Dayak art performance which will conduct a beautiful night and a memorable experience for us. We will also live in the real condition of its residents and their traditional life.

Day 3:            Rubber tapping – Rungan Cascade – Palangka Raya
They will also show you rubber tapping or rubber plantation process. It is one of the most livelihoods of Dayak people. They plant the rubber trees, and then tap the trees in order to get the rubber. Then, we will travel to Rungan River Cascade by Klotok. You will be relaxed by the beauty of Rungan River, sound of water splashing, and its tropical rain forest. After that, we will travel back to Palangka Raya. We walk around Palangka Raya in the evening, and have a dinner at City Park in the center of the city. You may choose the local dish such as Patin Bakar (grilled river fish), Nasi Kuning (yellow rice), Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Bakso (meat ball), Sate, and Sop Rotan (rattan soup).

Day 4:            Departure